We create a forest from a flower: Vaginusmus

We got married in 1993. Since than my life partner, Gul Dumen, became my colleague too. We accepted patience at the practice together. I got the professional aspects of it and the responsibility for making the case for social and psychological environment by establishing communication belongs to my wife, Gul Dumen. In life, we know that the best teacher is experience. With my years of experience and accumulation, I thought her how to approach and communicate with patients. Meanwhile, I also learned a lot from her constructive and humane touch.

We have overcome all the difficulties and hard times together until 1998 when we figured out how to treat vaginusmus problem. Any invention is not easily achieved. We spent our three years for this cause. We won the victory in 1998.

We appeared at the conferences, news articles and television shows proudly. Finally, we announced that we find the 100% effective treatment for vaginusmus on TV. The self-confidence that I need to find ways to treat this illness comes from my books, column, conferences, lectures, radio programs which started at early 60s.

Today, in 2015, we treated over 3000 cases of vaginismus. If every family that we treated has 2 children, now we have 6000 or more grandchildren. 6000 children is a gift to our country. We have more than 70 000 people who get help from our treatment if we make ten people of every wives and husbands family happy.

Here is the supreme happiness that sustains us.

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